Saturday, June 20, 2009

Three Futures for South Africa

Three Futures for South Africa

I came across an interesting book called The Dinokeng Scenarios – Three Future for South Africa. I encourage every South African Youth to read as it different scenarios that South Africa can find itself in. These are 1. Walk Apart – We continue on the same path that we are on today. Our pressing problems – Unemployment, Poverty, safety and security, ad poor public health and education – worsen. Our social fabric unravels as civil society disengages and public trust in public institutions diminishes. Protests and unrest escalate and provoke an authoritarian response from the state.

While the second is better from the best but yet not engaging – it is called Walk Behind – this is a state that leads and manages the process of addressing our challenges. Citizens either support strong state intervention or are acquiescent in the face of a more powerful state.

We rather be walking together where are challenges are addressed through active citizen engagement, a catalytic state and strong leadership across all sectors.

South Africa needs to wake up and tackle challenges that they are facing. We need to engage with each other more importantly have more ethical and delivery driven leaders.

Extracts from the dinokeng booklet.

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