Saturday, December 17, 2011

What is Your FLAVA?

1. Briefly describe your business in 8 or less words (Elevator Pitch):
Providing digital innovations in e-ticketing and Web Analytics

2. Tell us more about your business

FlavaLite Innovations is a fresh, technology company pioneered in 2011 by Matsepo Africa and Sibongiseni Dakela. The company headquarters are in Cape Town. FlavaLite Innovations’ vision is to be a revolutionary company that introduces ground-breaking products in Information Technology (IT) service delivery. Our vision is to pioneer innovative IT solutions, including convenient and secure e-ticketing services for events management companies, governments, entertainment companies, sporting events, inspirational events, innovators and early adopters. We intend to create a trail in Web Analytics strategic solutions.

3. What is you business service offering?

FlavaLite Innovations offers the following services: v Reseller of e-ticketing services v Web Analytics strategic solutions including search engine optimisation (SEO) v Web Development (information, e-commerce, media and publishing Web sites) v Online Business Analysis (Including Business Intelligence) v ICT Business Process Redesign v ICT Training and Outreach v Customized ICT Research and Development (for Working Smarter)

4. Why did you decide to start your own business?

We are passionate about innovation in online & mobile tickets for events and few companies are doing that in South Africa. We felt that few companies should not monopolize the e-ticketing market in South Africa. A lot of event organisers are seeking alternatives. We would like to mentor other young entrepreneurs or IT specialists, especially ‘geek chics’.

5. What are the challenges you came across when starting or running your business and how did you overcome them?

We are experience start-up funding challenges; therefore we are funding our company organically. As we get contracts, we put the profits back into the business. We also decided to start marketing ourselves using word of mouth, our personal networks even though our Web site is not ready yet; we decided to forge ahead.

6. Any awards you have taken or projects you were involved in and want to share?

FlavaLite Innovations has won the SAB Kickstart 2010 Business competition in the Western Cape.

7. What is the ultimate advice that you would give to a starting entrepreneurs?

Be passionate about your company and set some time daily to work in your business strategy. Make sure that your organisation will serve and ‘WOW’ your staff and clients. Build relationships and network, because it is your social capital that will support you and propel you forward.

8. Three books that inspired you and three people you look up to.

The Leader Who Had No Title – Robin Sharma
The Shack – William Paul Young
My Utmost for His Highest – Oswald Chambers

Name and Surname: Sibongiseni Dakela
Name of Company: FlavaLite Innovations
Position in the company: Visionary
E-Mail Address:
Mobile Number: 0846638972 Tel: 0847383877
Website: (going Live on the 1st May 2011)

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