Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sales taken to a higher level!

Lebo Pule is an entrepreneur a personal development coach, a humanitarian, a writer, a gender activist and a change agent. Her passion is influencing positive change in people and in organizations. From a very young age she had an entrepreneurial flair, she started her own hair salon in Alexandra when she was only 14. She was involved in many community development activities she mobilized children in her community to start a social club with the idea of bringing out and enhancing each and everyone’s talent. Lebo started working at age 18 in 1994, her career has been in Sales, Marketing and Public Relations areas.

Lebo is today the Founder and CEO of Lebo Pule Business Networks, Lebo Pule Business Networks is a new concept of sales Outsourcing, basically they call on businesses, particularly medium sized businesses to outsource their sales. Instead of keeping an internal sales team that does not even reach their targets – rather outsource sales to the experts. “The beauty about sales outsourcing is that the client (business owner) gets to focus fully on their product/service as oppose to managing a sales team. Furthermore Entrepreneurs differ; one may be great at creating products and services but unable to sell. While others are great sales people like me.”

She had established her first business was in 2002 where she was supplying Office Furniture and office alterations for both Government departments and Corporate clients. Her business took off, she turned over R1.2 million in her first year of operation. In 2006 her business went under due to many entrepreneurial mistakes, she learnt many valuable lessons about entrepreneurship and she coaches many entrepreneurs on how to avoid those mistakes and how to learn from mistakes already made.

She is an ambassador for the Spice4Life Foundation; she is a trustee and board member for Beautiful Life Projects, she sits in the steering committee of Ekurhuleni Business Initiative. She is a freelance columnist for Spice4life Magazine. She is an inspirational speaker and speaks regularly at conferences and at schools helping young women to realize who they are and to be true to themselves. She believes that it is possible to turn one’s talents into a viable business!

Lebo is a woman who is determined to change the status quo in our country, since she at young age being exposed to violence and discrimination in her home township Alexander as well as the corporate world she continued to observe sexism in the workplace which served to reinforce her gender activism. Her history and experiences motivated this lady to endeavour and succeed in business.

Lebo also plays a very active role in the South African Black Entrepreneurs She is associated with South African Black Entreprenuers Forum (SABEF), an organisation which seeks to promote, inspire and grow entrepreneurship as a source of poverty alleviation, job creation and economic growth in South Africa. She is also very involved in township schools speaking to teachers and learners.

Quotes from Lebo Pule:

“A balanced life is a life that you say is balanced. Choose a path and make peace with everything else.”

“Waiting doesn’t mean stopping. You just wait a little to see how things turn out. Everything has a time, a season. Everything happens in time.” ~

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